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Founder and CEO of Maturitas

Columnist on Longevity Management in Grupo Gestão RH magazine

FAAP Professor in Branding & Business for Longevity
Member of Aging2.0 – chapter SP

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About me


I am a social communicator and publicist, with an extension in Marketing and Research from the University of Berkeley, California, and a postgraduate degree in Human Sciences from PUC RS. Marketing and People Management from ESPM and specializations in Integrated Coaching from ICI and Executive Management from FGV. Specialist in  longevity. Columnist for Gestão RH Magazine. Longevity and Knowledge Communication and Management Consultant.

I built my executive career in the content and media business market in Brazil. After more than 25 years of experience in leadership positions in major media outlets, 20 of them at TV Globo, with passages at Gazeta Mercantil and advertising agencies, I decided to turn my professional life around.

the maturity  came bringing me questions, asking me for more. It was a voice, a CALL to rethink the perspective of life, mixed with the desire to evolve and give something back to society. This so-called maturity, a time that comes in different years for each one, is marked by an awakening to the value of meaning and the search for meaning. New cycle, new choices, guided by the prerogative of contributing to building a better world, assuming an active role in transformation.

Maturitas merges with me, mixes with my process of maturity. She deals with contemporary issues in society, has an activist voice, is critical, but very optimistic and cheerful. Values community, belonging and has diversity as a wealthThe. It has the human as a source of meaning and inspiration. It is inclusive, purposeful and collaborative.

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