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Being Maturitas has no age, because that time is not counted in years, it is not classified in decades, it has no beginning and end. Maturity is something that is built, sought and conquered.

And achievements can have different meanings - from a moment to a lifetime, but each one of them is forged by a meaning, something that marks us as an achievement that will last, because it speaks a lot about us._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

To be Maturitas is to have purpose as a means, a journey that each one starts at their own time, a call that invites to a new cycle, in which the now gains more importance and transforms choices and behaviors.

To be Maturitas is to be powerful, to value the wisdom that time brings along with the desire to contribute to building a better society, a legacy. Knowledge is one of our flags, transformation is another. Are you mature? So we are maturitas.

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From the Latin MATURITAS, from MATURUS, “what comes early, mature, in time, at a favorable moment”, “opportune, what develops fully, in adequate time”.

According to the Houaiss Dictionary of the Portuguese Language, maturity means “state, condition (structure, form, function or organism) in an adult stage.Condition of fullness in art, knowledge or skill acquired”.


In the hypermodern society we live in, marked by the exacerbated appreciation of the new, of the present, it is necessary to give special treatment to the value of time   in the different phases of life, with equal relevance for the construction of the subject. Past, present and future  are indissolubly interconnected and are likewise responsible for generating meaning, happiness and other means of satisfaction and well-being in maturity.

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We all know someone who has turned their life around, made a significant change    or started a completely new activity in adulthood. This because   maturity is a unique moment to renegotiate values, renew purpose, energy, career and can mean a turning point for an even better future. Let's bring some of these inspiring stories here, but we want to hear yours too!

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